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Who we are

Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners of Nigeria (TAMPAN) is a multi-cultural and multifaceted theatre and film association with a membership strength of over ten thousands across the globe.
We are an association of erudite professionals with deep commitment to promoting our culture, preaching peace, encouraging ingenuity, ensuring national development and unity with our highly engaging, entertaining, informing and educating films and plays through multiple media: Over The Top (Over the Internet) such as the Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD), Video on Demand (VoD), Transactional Video on Demand (TVoD), Advertising Video on Demand (AVoD), Cinemas, Radio, Stage and so on.

Aside the highly skilled youths, who are adepts in their specialized area of filmmaking, TAMPAN is blessed with adroit legends and veterans that have put in over fifty active years of practice bringing smiles across the world. This is why the public keeps seeing us as a carrier of relevant CONTENTS that inspire their hearts.
TAMPAN has been a utility vehicle for policy makers (government) that inform the public on numerous government policies in order to contribute our quota to nation building.

TAMPAN is also an art factory for cultural inclusion in our films. We promotecultures with our highly creative stories on a major moral thresholdwithout any form of inhumane practices. The core of our uniqueness lies in our belief in international involvement and this why we are affiliating with relevant bodies globally to meet the standard of international practices for media and entertainment.

TAMPAN has an eclectic composition. We have several guilds with professional focus within the association to ensure every element needed such as Integrity, Creativity and Excellence in the practice is in place. TAMPAN is an all embracing and accommodating association as we do not stigmatize nor discriminate. Our membership is open to all relevant professionals across the globe.
Finally, TAMPAN is an association that has a system, which indemnify the funders of projects. We believe that investors must enjoy good Returns on Investment (ROI) to secure the truth about the industry which is“the entertainment industry is as rich as Oil” if well groomed and nurtured.